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Keyword Tips For Your Website

Here are 9 keyword tips to help you get started


Keyword Tips For Your Website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important and essential for your websites success and ranking.  While there are several places to place keywords one mistake often made is over doing it on all 9 places.


Your keywords should be concise to your business and content.  Clear and even more importantly, very clear if you rely on organic search results.  Google not only searches your keywords, it searches your content even more.  The two go hand-in-hand and it can be a tricky finagling of the keywords you use in your headings and paragraphs.


We believe your website should do it’s job and do it well.  Paying for a website or doing it yourself, it works the same way.  So, if you are not getting the ranking or results you want from your website and would like to know what your site may be missing regarding keywords, we offer a full audit of your website to help you improve it yourself or with one of our experts.


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