Interested to build your own website?  What steps do you need to take? Seven! Really? Yes!


Having a website can be a very crucial part of business growth.

Check out this article for more information about why you should have one.


Designing your own site really can be as easy as seven steps.  It’s something that also requires a lot of thought.  Visit this page to see what questions you should be asking yourself and things to think about before you begin.


The information I am providing in this blog will also give you great insight on where to start.


Most new and small businesses will start with a Wix, Square, Weebly, Google website.  It’s very affordable and easy to use.  The drawback is that you don’t get the Search Engine Optimization you deserve.  Which means if someone is looking for your type of service or product, it’s more difficult to find you online.  A WordPress website gives you far more visibility.

I believe having a great website is key.  You don’t need a big website you need the right website.  The downside to building and designing your own website is that it will take time away from running your business.  I recommend setting aside a good bit of time for this type of project.


Additionally, first impressions are key for a business so you want your website to be the best representation of you and your business. I recommend knowing your plan and having specific goals on what you want out of your website.


The less expensive sites you can use may be easy to work with but in the long run, WordPress is the way to go. I highly recommend this content platform as it gives you so much more.


If you find you want my help I am here for you.  Consultations are free.


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