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OMG!  Everything is a priority!!!  😱

How can I prioritize if everything is a priority!?! 😨

There’s so much on my to-do list! 😫

I’m feeling so stressed! 🥺


Have you been feeling stressed out like this now, before, or constantly?


Well, I want to help YOU be your TOP PRIORITY!  😀. Why?  Because you are!



So are you in a OMG!  Everything is a priority mode!!!?  Feeling there’s so much on your to-do list!  Feeling so stressed and overwhelmed?!  Are you asking yourself, “How can I prioritize if everything is a priority!?!”

If you are in that OMG mode now, what about before or is it constant?  Ugh


This type of stress happens to many of us.  New and small businesses doing everything on their own can really make everything feel like a priority when you want to grow and succeed.


There are ways to cope.  Truly! 


This blog post will guide you in a couple of ways I found that helped me pause in my work life either before work, during and after.


Taking time to put a few stress release practices into place consistently, can be difficult at first but if you make it your Top Priority, you will benefit with a better mindset, feel less stressed out, more relaxed and think more clearly.


My favorite go-to is to just close my eyes in my moment of OMG! Everything is a priority!!! mode.  Take deep breaths in and out and then “try” and clear my mind with regular breath.  I generally use this method for 2-3 min, sometimes 5, depending on the situation.  I have had great success with this simple go-to.



When I open my eyes, I rethink the situation all the while keeping calm and focused on the task at hand.


I used to go from project to project to project and then feel completely overwhelmed because I was doing too much.  It sucks to feel overwhelmed.


Feelings of being OMG! Everything is a priority!!! can cause one to make mistakes in business.  We don’t want that!


My second go-to is Yoga.  Yoga is kind, gentle, soulful, meditation, poses, flow or whatever you want it to be.


I have found that some people have a misconception of what yoga really is.  Here is one simple thing you can do at home to start building a little strength.


In a nutshell, yoga is a personal practice that you embrace for you.  By that I mean, you do not have to be a thin and bendy flexy girl or guy.  Define who you are and create your own practice.  You may have knee or back issues.  Learning how to incorporate a style of yoga that works for you helps but yoga is much more than poses.  You can also lie on your back anywhere (the beach, your bed, couch, yoga mat) and still be doing yoga.


Being on your back is called savasana (a yoga term) which is often used for relaxation at the end of a session/class but it’s also the usual pose for the practice of mediation.  Meditation is a form of pause as I stated above.


My third go-to is walking.  Taking a break when you feel overwhelmed to go on a little walk is so therapeutic.  Unless it’s raining 🌧  Not only can it help clear your mind, but you are also working every muscle in your body when you walk.  Walk for 20 min or more.  You deserve a break and if you can get outside, all the better.


My fourth go-to when OMG! Everything is a priority!!! rears it’s ugly head is ASKING FOR HELP!!!  I hope you never feel badly about asking for help.  It really does make things easier and you learn so much!


My last go to is my wine at the end of the day!  Indeed, but it’s not often I go-to this method. Sometimes, however, after it’s been one of those days, unwinding with a nice glass of wine simply takes off the edge of the day, then you could meditate, do yoga, for instance.  Or simply relax and breath.


There are so many ways you can destress.  Family and friends are a definite go-to and you can explore what works for you.


As a business owner, sometimes outsourcing your website projects, marketing or help with maintaining your WordPress site, I am HERE FOR YOU!!!   Here to help you release some of the stress you may feel from DOING IT ALL!  Let’s decrease those OMG! Everything is a priority!!! moments.


Hope you found my go-to’s to be helpful and that your days ahead will be smooth sailing……well, most of time anyway.


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