There’s so much on my to-do list!  I’m feeling so stressed!  Everything is a priority!  How can I prioritize if everything is a priority!?!


Have you been like this before or now or constantly?




This type of stress happens to many of us.  New and small businesses doing everything on their own can really make everything feel like a priority when you want to grow and succeed.


There are ways to cope.  Truly!  And you most likely have heard about some of my suggested ways that work for me.  If so, this is just a friendly reminder to take care of yourself!  If not, I hope my suggestions will help you relieve some of the stresses you may be feeling.


Taking time to put a few stress release practices into place consistently, can be difficult at first but if you make it your Top Priority, you will benefit from a better mindset, feel less stressed out, more relaxed, and think more clearly.


This blog post will guide you in a couple of ways I found that helped me pause in my work life either before work, during, and after.


My favorite go-to is to just close my eyes in my moment of OMGness.  Take deep breaths in and out and then “try” and clear my mind with regular breath.  I generally use this method for 2-3 min, sometimes 5, depending on the situation.  I have had great success with this simple go-to.


When I open my eyes, I rethink the situation all the while keeping calm and focused on the task at hand.


I used to go from project to project to project and then feel completely overwhelmed because I was doing too much.  It sucks to feel overwhelmed.


Feelings of being overwhelmed can cause one to make mistakes in business.  We don’t want that!



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