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Tips For An Effective Business Website

Information provided by Business News Daily editorial staff contributed to the writing and reporting in this article   1. Is your site mobile responsive.   One good reason why it should be.   If potential customers land on your site but find it...

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Positivity Goes A Long Way

  Being Positive Goes A Long Way   Hi.  This is Lisa.  CEO of MM Website Design.   I have seen the results of being positive.   I love helping people feel good whether with a smile, through affirmation, simply loving and my positive messages.   I have created this...

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Are you posting too many ads on your social media?

Are you posting too many ads on your social media?  Advertising for your business is great but are you overdoing it?  If you are posting too many ads on your social media, this may be a helpful article.   Sometimes writing a simple helpful post can be more engaging...

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How I start my day

The key to working from home Written by Joe D'Eramo - Click to visit his blog for more great articles   One of the key pieces of camaraderie in working in an office is the morning arrival. Think of all the things you did to get to the point where you arrive at...

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Don’t Work Hungry

Article written by Joe D'Eramo   You shouldn’t shop when you’re hungry as you are likely to purchase items you wouldn’t ordinarily buy. It’s similar when you work from home. Unlike a traditional office, you have access to every food item in your home. And that can...

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Can You Relate?

    I’m sharing this great article I read written by Shannon Giordano.  Shannon is a social media strategist and specialist.   I love how she moves along with her story and then provides a couple of great ways to weed through all the content we see on social...

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Are you being bullied in the workplace?

Are you being bullied in the workplace?  It's not okay! Throughout my life I've had encounters with people who were downright cruel. Mostly in the workplace. If you are being bullied in the workplace? It's not okay!   Hi.  This is Lisa, the founder of MM Website...

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Group Networking

How Will Group Networking Help Your Business?I found by attending group networking events, that it was one of the best ways to meet wonderful and business likeminded people like myself.  I also found that I was able to establish some great ongoing relationships....

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No Babysitting Allowed!

  "No Babysitting Allowed" is something I feel should be in the forefront of our minds when onboarding a new client.  I was in the Babysitting seat at one point last year.  It was a very difficult time.  I finally understood how to avoid this situation, to remain sane...

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No Vacancy Under A Rock

We are sharing a great article, No Vacancy Under A Rock, written by Joe D'Eramo, who is one of the content writers on our team.    No Vacancy Under A Rock - Joe D'Eramo Has anybody else not heard of backup power sources?   Apparently, I live under a rock. At...

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Stop Losing Clients and Money

When it comes to your website and your business, are you losing clients and money?!?!Yikes!  That sounds scary doesn't it?   There are 5 Easily Solved Problems to Stop Losing Clients and Money   For instance   1.  if you don’t have time to regularly maintain...

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Thursday Tips & Talk

Hello and thank you for visiting Thursday Tips & Talk - where knowledge is power!Check out the most recent episode of Thursday Tips & TalkThe more knowledge you have the more powerful you are with making great decisions for your business.  So by bringing you...

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Up Close & Personal

Up Close & Personal The need to set goals and stick to them is personal. I want to share a little back history on how I found my way with the help of personal experiences and reaching out for help.Setting goals and sticking with them   It can be difficult and...

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Appointment Calendars

Appointment Calendars...   which one is right for your business?   Try a Few   Once you find the right calendar for your business it will improve bookings and turn them into better conversion rates.   Let's Face Facts Most people like the option of...

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Keyword Tips For Your Website

Keyword Tips For Your Website Here are 9 keyword tips to help you get started   Keyword Tips For Your Website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important and essential for your websites success and ranking.  While there are several places to place keywords one...

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Audio Advertising is Primo

Audio Advertising is Primo and keeps you TOP OF MIND! DID YOU KNOW there is an estimated 180 million digital audio consumers in America today? That’s a big market!   Basically, your business should always be top of mind to your customers and clients.  Numbers...

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Do You Need a Website?

Do you really need a website for your business?   It's a great question and the short answer is yes.   Now more than ever a website keeps your business in the "now".   The now being online.  Online is where people go to search for what they are looking.  ...

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Build Your Own Website!

Interested to build your own website?  What steps do you need to take? Seven! Really? Yes!   Having a website can be a very crucial part of business growth. Check out this article for more information about why you should have one.   Designing your own site really can...

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