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Joyce Sampson Music


Joyce Sampson came to us for a redesign of her current website.  Her goal was to have a more professional look and more emphasis on SEO.  Because of the work she does, Joyce also needed a private page for Publishers interested to present her songs to up and coming artists and already established artist, mostly in the country music genre. 


Joyce loves the colors of an Arizona style palette and the new design incorporates those colors.


  We designed her logo using an Arizona clay textured background.



Below are the color palettes we are working with.


The 2nd palette is the dominant color theme we are using along with the textured clay in certain areas as well as incorporating the darker blue in the 1st palette.


Joyce Sampson Music - MM Website Design

We started with a landing page set up along with a full site to fully showcase Joyce and her talent.


Her site will feature images, upcoming performances along with audio of her music which will showcase two of the songs she has co-written that are on the radio performed by two new country female artists.


A Private page has also been designed so that interested publishers looking for songs for musical artists can request the page to receive a private link that showcases Joyce’s work.



Branding font not yet added

This main navigation design animation works well with a music site


Site Launched 7/25/2022


Check out the site


Check back to see how Joyce feels about her new site

Stay Tuned!



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