I humbly admit that I do not know it all and that’s okay. It takes a team and I’ve been connecting with some pretty great people I can team up with.  So when there are times I need to outsource for services I do not offer, or if I am not the best fit for your new or small business needs, I want to offer you great options so you can continue to expand.


Because of this, I am building this page up to introduce you to some of those great people I have met and teamed up with who you can contact.  And I want to ensure that you get the best help and services needed so your business grows successfully.


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Because I want to see your business grow, you will find information for content writing.  Very important for a website.


And how to connect with Business / Life & Wellness Coaches to help you stay on track and more


And links to Search Engine Optimization Experts. I do some SEO but an expert can really put your website in the best possible spot.  At the top!


And Much More…

Meet Beth Knaus – Writer

Beth is a writer and can help you with content for your site.  There’s so much to consider when it comes to writing good content.  Beth can help.

Here is a link to her website: https://thatsaspade.com/


Meet Maureen Ciaccio

Maureen is the Creative Director at mhcDesign, LLC, located in Marlborough, MA.


And she is also a web designer. If I’m not the best fit for you and your business, Maureen is a great referral. She offers other similar services as I do such as branding, graphic design, and marketing materials.


Here is a link to her website: https://mhcdesignstudio.com/


  Meet Lynn Scornavacca


While I offer video media for promotional spots and more, Silver Lake Productions is another style you may like as well.


Lynn is a great resource for audio and video and can assist with Multimedia projects.


Here is a link to her website:  http://www.silverlakeproductions.com/video/services



  Meet Chris Vasiliadis


Chris is all about Priority Wellness.  Here is what she can do for you:


Burnout-Buster | Coach | Speaker | Author | Transform an unsustainable pace of functioning to running your days steady, energetic and sane


Here is a link to her website:  http://prioritywellness.com


Meet Kim Fuller


Kim is a local Rhode Island based amazing photographer.  Need headshots for your website, brochures, ad campaigns?  Check out her website for more information and to see what other talents she has.


Here is a link to her website:  http://www.kimfullerphotography.com/