Get A Website

Where to begin?

Oftentimes, building your own website becomes an overwhelming stress magnet!  And running your business suffers for it.  Because at that time of feeling overwhelmed and stressed you may feel like you’ve hit a brick wall with your website and the growth of your business.  And you may not be sure what to do next. 


That’s where I come in.


So do you need a website? A redesign?  Because asking yourself and thinking about what you really need will help to build and grow your business.  Take a look at the helpful questions below to help you get started.

Write Down Your Ideas


Because when it comes to your business these questions can help and get you on your way to making the best decisions possible.  So ask yourself…


  • What are my goals with this project?

  • Should I update my current site?

  • Do I have a plan in place?

  • Is trying something new good for my business?

  • How is my business unique?

  • Who do I cater to?  What are my strengths?

  • Is there a competitor site I like?

  • And should I have a content writer for my site?

  • The main purpose of my site is what?

  • I want my customers or clients to know what about me?

  • Who is my target audience?

  • How do I accomplish my goals with a website?

  • And what type of marketing am I looking for?

  • Am I getting the best results with my current site?

  • How easy is it to build my own website and what do I need?  For starters:

    • url

    • hosting

    • content platform

    • time to design

    • add content

    • maintain

    • fix issues

    • branding and more

And Don’t fear asking for help. 

We all need help now and then because we don’t know everything

Start Small or Go Big

graphic ads, logos, brochures, business cards, monthly newsletter design, audio ads, and more are great to get you started


go bigger with a website, video promotion, company jingle, tv, or radio advertising

Check out all my services to find what works best for you and your budget






Because I believe in being transparent I’ve added a list of available services and starting prices to help you.  And when it comes to your website and business needs, I am here for you every step of the way!


All sites are WordPress based


One Page

Ideal for Bloggers and Single Page Sites

$600 design cost

$50 monthly maintenance

5 main menu pages

cost includes design with content & images and up to 4 blog posts per week

-designs and redesigns starting at $1200

-additional pages starting at $25

-maintenance starting at $50 per month.  20% off if paid annually

-hosting paid annually – $250

-domains paid annually starting at $19

-WordPress plugins – prices vary
Plugins create a better customer/client experience.  Most are free.

-several themes to choose
(most are free)

*payment options available


~ Need to Add A Page? ~

Additional page(s)


$25 per page

If you already have a WordPress website with me and it’s been a while since you updated or added a new page


$75 per page

If you already have a WordPress website and it’s been a while since you updated or added a new page


Then this package is for you and includes 3 hours for the setup of a newly designed page that fits your theme, including layout, content, and images. Any additional time needed is $30 per hour

Sometimes a little visual can go a long way. Click to view templates you can choose from. All templates can be customized to fit your brand and business needs.

Click to view maintenance packages. Monthly maintenance ensures a smooth operational website. Helps avoid situations like broken links, broken images.


Client Website Image

Yoga at The Point

Outdoor Yoga Studio

Yoga at The Point came to me as a new business in need of a website to get their community involved with Yoga at their beautiful outdoor location.

MM Website Design & Marketing

Sweet P Guitar


Paul came to me via a referral.  He had a website in the past and his previous designer was no longer reachable and he could not log on to his site to make updates.  We did a redesign and incorporated a site that really brought out his amazing talent

Client Website Image

Gwen Fuller Art

Watercolor & Oil Artist

Gwen came to me for a site when her paintings started selling at shows she was doing.  She never had a website in the past so I designed a very simple site focusing on her portfolio to give her a nice online presence and she has been selling her paintings even more.

MM Website Design & Marketing

Kari Ainsworth

Flavor Thyme

Kari has an amazing website designed by Kate Gilbert, who has moved away from website design.  I now assist Kari with maintenance to her site with new blog posts and more.

Client Website Image

Conimicut Village Association

Nonprofit organization

CVA had a very outdated website from 2012 and wanted an update to the site with a new look and provide more information to site visitors.



More Clients:

Creative Audio Works

Redtree Productions

Divorce Squad

Born To Rise™

Yoga Apparel

That’s A Spade

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