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OMG!  Everything is a priority!


How can I prioritize if everything is a priority?



If you are in an OMG everything is a priority state of mind, let’s pause.


There’s so much on my to-do list!


Because you are stressed

and overwhelmed and can’t think straight, it can be detrimental to you, your health and your business.  I am sharing with you a couple of ways I found that helped me pause before work, during and after when I’ve had that OMG!  Everything is a priority! moment.


  I’m feeling so stressed!

Taking time

to put a few stress release practices into place consistently, you will begin to feel the benefits of a better mindset, less stress, more relaxed and thinking more clearly.


My favorite go-to

Is to simply close my eyes.  I take in deep breaths, let them out and clear my mind.  When I open my eyes, I am able to rethink the situation with a calm and more focused mind.


Second go-to is Yoga

Yoga is kind, gentle, soulful, meditation, poses, flow or whatever you want it to be.  Here is one simple thing you can do at home to start building a little strength and there are many more ways for beginners on this link.


Third go-to is walking

Taking a break when you feel overwhelmed to go on a little walk is so therapeutic.  You deserve a break and if you can get outside, all the better.


Fourth go-to is ASKING FOR HELP!!!

It really does make things easier and you learn so much!


Last go to

A glass of wine at the end of the day!  Simply unwinding takes off the edge of the day.  Leaving behind all the OMG everything is a priority moments in my day.  Then I’ll either meditate, do yoga, even turn on the music and dance.


There are so many ways you can destress. 

Family and friends are a definite go-to and you can explore what works for you.

As a business owner

outsourcing some of the things you are doing yourself, such as designing your own website or marketing is a great stress relief. We are here for you!!!

I hope you found my go-to’s to be helpful and that your days of OMG! Everything is a priority! will be less.

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