How Will Group Networking Help Your Business?

I found by attending group networking events, that it was one of the best ways to meet wonderful and business likeminded people like myself. 

I also found that I was able to establish some great ongoing relationships.


So how does that help you and your business?

It opens up the communication gateway for development and growth.  You listen and learn what other businesses have been through.  Talk about what worked and what didn’t and more.  Networking also opens up referral opportunities.

It’s very educational and begins to lead you to your goals with more success.


When there was a brief lull in COVID in 2021, I found going to in-person networking events very exciting.  What’s not to like?  There’s food, breakout rooms, amazing attendees, wonderful speakers, sometimes vendors. 

Maybe you can even work it so it’s an overnight stay in a hotel!  Call it a little get-away from the office.  It’s so nice!

Most importantly, you meet so many business owners, just like you,

I know I said it before in the beginning, but it can truly make a difference.  So pardon my redundancy.


Then COVID came rushing back in with a huge lions roar.  The organizations that hosted in-person networking still continued but they were now offering online group events and networking.

It may not have all the glamour of in-person networking but Zooming is the new now and you can still gain a lot by being a part of these online groups.

Joining a particular networking group can be a great expansion for business as well.  There are so many out there. 

My Pinnacle, BNI, B2B, FaceBook and more.  I’m adding a link below, to an article that talks about the Seven Key Attributes of an Effective Business Networking Group put out by Tab, The Alternative Board


I am by no means saying


TAB or I know it all when it comes to networking.  I invite you to explore it for yourself.  If you are already doing this, power to ya!


By providing you with other insights and not just mine, it will help you decide what type of a group or groups you want to be a part of.

Networking is different for everyone.  What I feel is of great importance for my business, you may not. 

So check out a few groups because not knowing what is out there could also hurt your business or keep growth to a crawl.


I, first handedly support networking either in a group or at an event.  You can never learn “Too Much”.  Knowledge is Power and helps you to make the right decisions for your business growth.

SIDE NOTE:  I have one-on-one meetings monthly with some of the people I have established a relationship with.   I have developed my own business by attending group networking events, in-person and via Zoom.  Give it a try.  I always get excited to see how someone’s business has grown.  Learn about what they tried.  Share my growths and ideas as well.

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