Are you posting too many ads on your social media?


Advertising for your business is great but are you overdoing it?  If you are posting too many ads on your social media, this may be a helpful article.


Sometimes writing a simple helpful post can be more engaging and more interesting.  Ads become annoying and you may lose a potential customer or client as a result.


Is it easy to write a blog or post on a regular basis?  Not always.  However, inviting a guest to write a blog on a topic you feel will be helpful to your potential clients and customers is one way to help you with that.


As much as we want to “sell” what we do “gain” more clients and “increase” our revenue, it’s ok to take a break with your ad posts.


Post something fun and entertaining a few times a week or a quote you love is fun and people will respond.


Why should you bother with this?  First, it shows who you are by providing a little personal insight.  It helps show that you are a “real” person and not just a business always selling your product or service.


People love to know who you are and will better trust as they get to know you and are more likely to reach out to learn more about your services or products.


I’m not saying to stop posting ads with sales or about what you offer, just break it up a bit!  Keep track and watch for improvements and better interactions.  Worked for me and a few of my clients that I recommended this to.

You may find this article helpful about when and how to post for a more effective outcome.


What kind of fun posts do you create?  Leave a comment below as helping one another with ideas is also part of keeping it real.


Thanks and have a really great day and thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.

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