Are you being bullied in the workplace? 

It’s not okay!

Throughout my life I’ve had encounters with people who were downright cruel. Mostly in the workplace. If you are being bullied in the workplace? It’s not okay!


Hi.  This is Lisa, the founder of MM Website Design.  It’s my story too.  I almost let being bullied in the workplace keep me from living my dreams.


I let myself be taken advantage of, disrespect , talk to like I was an idiot with such verbal abuse it made me cry. I worked with people who I let steal my ideas and claim them as their own.  I was fooled by the undermining co-workers who seemed to care but had other goals in mind.


These individuals didn’t like my enthusiasm, my team player attitude, or me. Seriously?  What was up with that? I let my confidence wither down to a grain of sand on a beach. Why did I let that happen?


So many of us have experienced or are experiencing cruelty in the workplace. It’s abuse! In my opinion, people who are cruel, do so because it makes them feel better about themselves.


BULLIES is what I call them!!! Those cruel ADULT individuals are the ones with the problems. I learned the hard way that we are only responsible for our own actions when cruelty is thrown at us by these bullies.


A few years ago, a friend suggested a book to me titled The Four Agreements. It changed my life! It touched upon everything I was feeling at that time and helped me to push through it and with a lot of hard work, pull through it.


The Four Agreements changed my way of thinking, how I spoke, how to do my best and to NEVER ASSUME a damn thing!


I am stronger and more confident today than I’ve ever been. I wanted to share my story of how a book changed things for me in such a positive way.


If you or anyone you know is being treated cruelly in any situation, please share the link below. We are all amazing and should never let anyone make us feel otherwise.


You can get the book on Amazon:

The four agreements

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