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Why Choose Us? - MM Website Design

We have helped hundreds of clients feel heard and appreciated.


 How do we do this?  Through effective high quality custom designed websites and development services.


By eliminating some of your pain points, we provide you with more freedom to run and focus on your business.


Having over 10 years of experience, allows us to provide you with strategies that really work.


Commonly, we all want to establish great relationships with our clients.  We certainly do.

We treat you like we want to be treated!

You are courageous in your endeavor and that’s so exciting!


Let’s start by


• building a relationship

• learning about your ideal customers/clients

• researching your competition & discuss competitor sites you like

• reviewing whether you need a new website or a redesign

• finding out what makes your business unique and talk about your strengths & weaknesses

• understanding your branding or if you need branding

• discussing marketing and how it can help with business growth

• talking about your content / SEO & UX (website user experience)

Our brand and what it means

As a spiritual thought leader, CEO, Lisa Markovich wanted a brand that illuminated enlightenment, trust, thinking outside the box, creativity.  The colors purple and teal not only represent all of that, they are part of the Chakra colors tied in with Lisa’s spiritual side when it comes to helping others.

A few words of praise

“I’ve worked with Lisa and MM Website Design & Marketing several times. I heartily recommend Lisa and her team at MM Website Design & Marketing – always a professional and productive experience.”

Michael Loeffler

Main Street Web Dev, Kingston, NY

“Collaborating with Lisa on a new look for my website has resulted in a product that well represents who I am and what my business is all about. She listens to how you want yourself to be presented and brings art and technical together in what is a beautiful and organic page representing my business in this electronic universe.”

Lynn Scornavacca

Lynn Scornavacca

Silver Lake Productions, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with MM Website Design?

Working with us ensures you get the right website, beautifully designed and is unique to you and your business.  Everything you need for continued growth is all right here with us from branding, marketing, unique advertising to keep you top of mind and more.

How Do I Know if MM Website Design Is Right for Me?

We start with a complimentary consultation to learn all there is to know about you and your business, your goals, visions and plans and work with you to choose the best package(s) that fits your needs.  You will learn all there is to know about us and our services.  This meeting helps you decide if we are the best fit for you.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

No.  We work with many types of businesses from start-ups, small, medium and larger companies who have a desire for ongoing business growth.

Do You Offer Ongoing Services?

We offer website maintenance plans, newsletter design and sending, business cards, brochures, graphic/video/audio advertising and more.

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